About the Book “Revelations”

Revelations by J.F. Tucker
Being a teenager isn’t easy, as sixteen-year-old Alexis Neil knows all too well. After losing her best friend in a tragic car accident, the socially awkward girl becomes even more plagued by doubts about her own self-worth and her Catholic faith. Little does she know that it is the Devil himself who is orchestrating her downfall.

Alexis is, however, not alone. She finds solace and companionship when she is befriended by Rafael Cordero, a mysterious and handsome exchange student from Spain. As their friendship turns to romance, Alexis learns that Rafael is part of a military religious order within the Roman Catholic Church known as The Brethren. Torn between her feelings for him and what she discovers about his true identity, she falls prey to the lies being fed to her by the dark forces seeking to take her soul. Will her new love be enough to help her see through the web of deceit the Devil has spun to ensnare her, or will she pay the ultimate price?

Paperback, eBook
266 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4809-2573-1
eISBN: 978-1-4809-2343-0

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